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Therpy was started by Rob, an OCD sufferer who has practiced exposure and response prevention with a psychologist for several years. His assignments include identifying obsessions and rituals (or compulsions), and activities such as exposures (fear facing) and ritual (compulsion) prevention sessions.

While ERP proved very helpful for him, Rob was never great at keeping his homework in one place, or bringing his assignments to his therapy sessions. He had pieces of paper scattered everywhere, as well as files on different devices. A computer nerd at heart, Rob decided to make a web tool to help keep his ERP work, media files (for example, imaginal exposure audio files), and journal entries in one secure place online.

Rob continues to benefit from ERP and cognitive behavioral therapy. One of his goals is to find ways to help others work with OCD. Therpy, a simple web tool designed to be used while working with a professional, is a small step toward achieving that goal.